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Provides access to land through leasing, as well as season extension and other farm resources

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Laying the Groundwork for Sustainable Farm Businesses

Sprouting Farms Appalachian Croft and Training Center is a non-profit farm training center located in Summers County WV. We believe that long-lasting impact is created by training new farms in quality and sustainable production techniques, and providing shared resources and educational opportunities to the whole farm community.

Our programs focus on providing farmers solid business management and production skills along with hands-on apprenticeship, mentorship, and the land and resources necessary to launch, experiment, and refine their farm businesses. Click here to download project overview.

Sprouting Farms & Robert C Byrd Institute Agricultural Innovations awarded 1.5 million Appalachian Regional Commission POWER  grant.

​We are proud to announce that RCBI has been awarded $1.5 million in an Appalachian Regional Commission POWER grant to help launch Sprouting Farms.  RCBI, Downstream Strategies and New River Gorge Regional Development Authority partnered on this grant and will be working with Sprouting Farms project team and Board to finalize the site and prepare for the 2017 growing season. 

Sprouting Farms will launch February 2017.  To sign up for project updates click here: and for more information about the recent announcement of POWER Initiative projects check out the press release here:

Access to farm implements and tools necessary for farmers to scale-up their operations.

Resource Sharing

Incubator Farm and Land Lease

Laying the groundwork for sustainable farm business

Sprouting Farms model

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Sprouting Farms
Appalachian Croft, Resource, and Training Center

Farm Apprenticeship

A comprehensive farm business training program aimed to launch your new farm business to the next level.